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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Masters: Earthenware: Major Works by Leading Artists - John de Fazio -

Two-Headed Hermaphrodite Mural | 1984

Top Elf | 1991

MTV Conference Table | 1995

Mr. T Beer Steins | 1986

Niagra Falls Skull Stein | 2006

Aquarius Plate | 2003

Pisces Plate | 2004

Beautiful, brilliant, and essential!


This review is from: Masters: Earthenware: Major Works by Leading Artists (Paperback)

This beautiful art book presents and celebrates the work of 38 earthenware ceramists. It's a wonderful contribution to Lark's Masters series and stands out among the finest ceramics gallery books available. The innovation of Leopold Foulem's lively designs, the humor and provocation of Diego Romero's native-influenced vessels and bowls, the overwhelm of Paul Day's remarkable reliefs -- this collection intrigues and amazes with elegance, wit, and occasional disturbance. While there are certainly notable omissions and surprise inclusions among the participating artists, this diverse collection holds together very well and deeply rewards readers/viewers. It's an exceptionally lovely gift book for anyone, as well as an essential book for ceramic artists.

The complete list of featured potters includes: Linda Arbuckle, Chuck Aydlett, Bennett Bean, Russell Biles, Stephen Bowers, Alexandra Copeland, Paul Day, John de Fazio, Stephen Dixon, Patrick Dougherty, Anne Floche, Leopold Foulem, Steven Heinemann, Linda Huey, Woody Hughes, Gail Kendall, Connie Kiener, Gudrun Klix, Phyllis Kloda, Karen Koblitz, Cindy Kolodziejski, Sophie MacCarthy, Richard Milette, Marino Moretti, Herman Muys, Lisa Naples, Greg Payce, Diego Romero, Duncan Ross, Nancy Selvin, Terry Siebert, Richard Slee, Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Christine Thacker, Wendy Walgate, Holly Walker, Patti Warashini, and Wynne Wilbur.