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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Caltiki - The Imortal Monster -But first a message of sincerest apology to all of my beloved viewers. "Viewers, I know there are times I have misrepresented the films that I have posted on this blogsite. I have given them "inflated introductions" calling them 'spellbinding',' riveting' , and yes, even 'genius'. I did this out of love for you, as I receive no material gain from any of my postings. And for any pain or waste of time on your part, I am truely and deeply sorry.Which brings us to my current posting--Caltiki - The Immortal Monster. This film is, WITHOUT IRONY, the total package. It is a one film tutorial on the art of film-making itself. It's enlightened edititing softly moves a storyline through minefields of information that (most) other film makers would only dream of traveling. With multiple love stories,embedded in a storyline centering on a single celled "biological" nightmare , you will discover truth that still resonates today. Fashion lovers , you too, will be amply rewarded by a cavalcade of the sublime and...unexpected! So sit back, hit play, and prepare yourself for Caltiki!!!! (pronouned--Cow-tee-key)